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  • Why do FAQs matter?
    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • Is there any additional charge for you guys coming to me?
    Not at all! We do not charge any mobile services fees.
  • Will the technician detailing my car arrive at the given time I booked for?
    We try our best to make sure we arrive on time to your appointment as we know time is extremely valuable to you. It can be difficult at times to honor exact times given the fact that we are a mobile service and we have to factor in the idea of slow traffic times, weather conditions, and the conditions of the previous car we are working on. Every car is unique and can require a lot more than we have anticipated due to customers doing their best to book the best service for their car. For instance, a customer may book a Standard Detail with the hopes of getting a great detail in the given 1 hour service window. When the technician arrives to perform the detail, he notices that the customer truly needs an All Star Detail due to all the stains and overall condition of the vehicle. This happens often in good faith and could add additional time to the detailing process. We do our best to get to your appointment on the scheduled time but sometimes this just isn't possible but we will most definitely keep you updated with any changes.
  • Do you need access to a water or electrical outlet?
    Not necessarily. Our mobile vans are equipped with their own electrical generator inside. We typically have our own water inside our custom water tank on the van but at times this can run low depending on the amount of cars completed throughout the day. If this is the case our technician would ask if there is a water outlet to fill the tank with water just as a precaution. Rest assured that we do all we can to make sure this is never the case as customer satisfaction and convenience is our top priority.
  • Do you offer multi car discount if I need to book for multiple cars?
    Yes we do offer this. You could save a good amount if you book a detail service for multiple vehicles at once. If you have any questions on how this works please send us a message to discuss further.
  • What is the difference between a "car wash" and a "car detail"?
    Great question! A car wash consists of the exterior being quickly washed, that's it. No effort to protect the paint of your vehicle is provided. The process of a car wash is very quick and harsh in order to uphold that "quick" service. Most times, this service is performed by an automatic machine process and depending on where you receive this service you may be offered a quick vacuum or it is up to you to vacuum your own car. Just like with any fast services, this process leaves so much room for missing some areas of your car. There is no attention to detail which is where the term "car detailing" comes from. Detailing is essentially the process of slowing the car wash process down in a more meticulous manner with the addition of so much more. During a detail your car will get a hand wash which protects your car's paint from harmful machines and chemicals. This also allows the technician to wipe your car's exterior clean of any dirt and debris. Your tires and rims are also thoroughly clean without leaving any grime and break dust behind as most car washes would. Detailing also offers customers a service called paint correction that gives your car's paint the overhaul it needs. We will buff, polish, and detox your clear coat to expose it's maximum shine and gloss then lock this in with either a durable wax/sealant or a ceramic coating for superior protection. In comparison to a car wash a car detail offers the best interior car cleaning you can receive. This includes a thorough vacuum to get into those hard to reach spaces, a shampooing of your carpets and seats, steam cleaning to kill any germs or hidden bacteria, odor neutralizer, and so much more. These services can also be mixed around to fit your needs. Yes detailing is more costly than a car wash but in the end it's the best option to achieve the best value for you and you vehicle. A car detailing car help keep your car's resell value high and the cleaning lasts a lot longer than just a quick car wash. This comparison is the equivalent to fast food versus affordable fine dining and we all know what's the better choice.
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